Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We've moved!

Our dog, Sadie, is so happy! We have moved into a different apartment which actually has a bit of a yard for her. And there is a small park just down the hill where she can go play as soon as the mud dries up!

The stars aligned to make this possible so I am sure it was meant to be. One of Charlie's co-workers took a job in  Sarejevo. He invited us to a farewell dinner and we really liked his place - especially the yard. He was kind enough to recommend us to his landlord and so we got it.

It is on the outskirts of the city not far from a huge beautiful park and above the awful smog at the city center. Sadie is so much happier without all the smells and noise of the city center. We also bought a car so it will be easy for me to get into the city when necessary. Charlie's work is less than a ten minute drive from here. 

I love the place not only for the location but also because it has a huge bathroom with a huge bathtub, a lovely kitchen with a a full sized dishwasher, a fireplace, lots of storage, and a washing machine that doesn't sound like it is taking off when you wash clothes! We also have a garage for the EULEX car. And the yard is very nice - small but with lots of trees and roses. I am anxious to see what will bloom this spring.

We settled in quickly because we went to Istanbul last weekend. I will be telling you all about that trip soon.

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