Friday, October 14, 2011

It is a beautiful day in Pristina. After cold, rainy weather and serious electrical and water problems, this is a welcome change. It is interesting to be in a country that is trying so hard to improve. They are installing fiber optic cables so our internet connection is on-and-off. They are trying to improve the electricity grid so our power is off way too much. But ...a few inconveniences for the better.

One huge improvement made this summer is sidewalks!!! Every time I go downtown I just want to skip along the beautiful paved sidewalks! Can you imagine walking on dirt/mud, broken rocks, with missing manhole covers. It is such an improvement. Now if they will just shovel them when it snows.....

We are going to a beautiful winery this weekend in Macedonia. We have been there before and really enjoy it. Several EULEX people will be joining us so it should be fun. It will be good to get away.

The situation in the north with the Serbs is still a problem. Along the border the Serbs have dumped gravel over 6 feet high on the roads leading into Kosovo's border crossings to deter any traffic coming into or leaving. Groups of them are camped out near these huge hills of grave to guard them. Last weekend they even had a wedding at one of the campsites! It is a problem that could become more serious quickly so I do hope some resolution is reached soon. It is especially difficult since the courthouse in Mitrovica is in the north. Now no one from Kosovo can get to the courthouse so it makes for a very disjointed administration of justice...if any. We shall see.

I have so many photos to post! I will begin working on catching up with our travels. I am leaving Monday for Dublin for two weeks. Maybe then....

Here are some photos of our home here.

Here's our house. There are four flats. All but ours are occupied by Romanian police men.

Here is our "street". We now have some gravel on it so it isn't as muddy as last winter. This is the street with no name.

Our entry door.

The living room. It's very comfortable. The windows and light are great.

Our cosy fireplace.

My wonderful kitchen!

Dining room/office.

Balcony off the dining room.

View from the balcony down to Pristina.

My trusty car. I just found out that the previous owner had diplomatic plates (which came with the car) so I can park and go wherever I like! No wonder the others drivers have been so nice to me.

Home of our landlord's family and our housekeepers. They ( mom, dad, four adult sons and one adult daughter) live in the bottom floor which is competed. They will finish the house and move up to the other floors and money and needs dictate.She is quite a gardener. You can see all the fruit trees and a plastic "quonset hut" where they grew vegetables.

We are very comfortable here and feel fortunate to have found such a nice place. Sadie loves running in the hills behind us.It's a good place.