Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23

Charlie is in Pristina all day today working and hopefully getting us a car.

The car is an interesting issue. When he picked me up at the airport in Pristina, Charlie had a loaner car from CPI (his employer). We walked from the terminal (I use that term loosely) to the parking lot for the car. It was a huge black SUV. As I climbed in Charlie informed me that the car was fully armooured - a grenade could go off under us and not even dent it. (We were better armoured that the first troops into Bagdad!) Unfortunately, he had rolled the passenger-side window down to ask directions and it had stuck. So I entered a fully armoured vehicle with the bullet-proof window stuck halfway down on my side. I'm sure there is a metaphor here...maybe more than one.

So we are trying to get a little lighter vehicle for our stay here. Hopefully, Charlie will have something when he gets home tonight.

Tomorrow night we are going out with Charlie's co-workers. I am looking forward to meeting them.

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